ARRANGING SILK FLOWERS: 35 Step-by-Step Projects

ARRANGING SILK FLOWERS: 35 Step-by-Step Projects

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Elegant Orchid display, Magnolia Cascade, Hyacinth Basket, see the almost-real Stately Lilies Wildflower Medley in yellows and orange or Peony in a glass cube. Although 'real' flowers are beautiful, there are many times when an arrangement of silk flowers is not only just as lovely but much more practical. For example, if you are an allergy sufferer you can enjoy the beauty of flowers without sneezing, they won't attract insects; they can be left for a few weeks; won't damage a treasured container, and they can be enjoyed by people in hospital and retirement homes where, often, fresh flowers are banned. Ensure that the stamens are natural fibre, not plastic, leaves should be wired and ideally, petals as well. The flowers should mimic veins and texture - if it looks real to you, then that is the perfect bloom. Here are 35 step-by-step floral arrangements presented in a variety of containers from vases to baskets and bouquets for colour and calm. All the arrangements are stunning, and in some cases cleverly augmented with twigs, moss and glass beads or pebbles, whilst other displays might incorporate clear acrylic water. A section on the language of some of the flowers featured and step-by-step instructions for all abilities. Softback 8" x 11", 128pp. Colour illus.
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