BITTER PEACE: Conflict in China 1928-37

BITTER PEACE: Conflict in China 1928-37

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For a long period up until the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty in 1911 the Chinese people were fed and truly believed the lie that they were superior to their Asian neighbours and it was this institutionalised arrogance that allowed European powers and then Japan to exploit its manifold weaknesses. When the new Chinese Republic was born in 1912 the people hoped that would improve after centuries of corrupt Imperial rule, but this was not to be the case. Weak leadership saw the rise of provincial warlords and the death and displacement of millions, but in 1928 Chiang Kai-shek was acknowledged by the people as the ruler of a new Nationalist China and set up a new capital at Nanking which should have heralded a new era of peace. Sadly this was, once again, not to be and the ensuing decade was to see wars and revolts that destroyed the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians - even though officially the country was at peace. Invasions by the Soviet Union and Japan cost China both territory and prestige and civil conflict between gangs of bandits (usually disenfranchised ex-soldiers), class-driven disputes between landowners and peasants and the obsession of the Nationalist government with putting down Communist uprisings saw an astounding number of secret conflicts within China, many of which are little-known, even to students of Chinese military history. Philip Jowett has written over 20 books on the conflicts of early 20th century Asia and using his unrivalled knowledge and privileged access to Chinese military archives reveals the truth behind these secret and undeclared wars that blighted China between 1928-38, a brief yet tumultuous period during which millions died. 310pp with some 150 rare b/w photos.
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