SHIP: A History in Art and Photography

SHIP: A History in Art and Photography

EDITED BY ANDREW LAMBERT    Book Number: 85832    Product format: Hardback

A visually stunning art history featuring 360 of the most celebrated ships from history and fiction in one stylishly produced volume. Each has a dramatic story immortalised in an evocative artwork or documented in startling photography. Themes include cannibalism, shipwreck, mutiny and piracy, exploration and scientific discovery and survival, those that heralded revolutionary developments in maritime and naval architecture. International in scope, there is an explanatory text from experts in the fields of sailing warships, battleships, ancient and medieval vessels, expeditionary ships, liners and famous literary ships and in all it is a story of man's conquest of the ferocious sea we are surrounded by. There is the nuclear-powered attack submarine Astute from 2007, the Dragon Type 45 Destroyer 2008, a container ship, Jack Sparrow's ship Black Pearl from the 2003 film, Queen Elizabeth 2 Cunard Ocean Liner 1969, the sail-training ship of 1961 the Gorch Fock, the Polaris submarine of 1959 George Washington, the Tirpitz battleship 1944 and an amazing painting looking upwards from the bottom of the S-Class submarine 1944 with crew peering into the light above. U-boats, the Royal Oak battleship in Valetta surrounded by tiny punting vessels, the Iron Duke, Nautilus from the film and book, a shipwrecked East Indiaman of 1821 the Dutton, the Agamemnon of 1795 opening fire, fire ships of 1759, galleys like the splendid Spanish Real which fired the first shot of the Holy League against the Turks during the Battle of Lepanto 1751, the boat from Dante's Inferno, Roman galleys and Athenian triremes and way back to Noah's Ark. A large 378 page Conway Maritime publication with index of ships. 9½" x 11¼". Fully illus, much colour.
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