DIGNITY OF CHARTISM: Essays by Dorothy Thompson

DIGNITY OF CHARTISM: Essays by Dorothy Thompson

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How can Chartism in its Biblical righteousness, in its Shakespearian grandiloquence and unremitting class consciousness, in its internationalist generosity and in its Jacobin militance, in its balance of moral and physical force revive in our times of neo-Liberalism? Dorothy Thompson died in 2011 and will forever be remembered alongside the great Chartist movement which she so brilliantly brought to vital and creative life. These essays convey her distilled political and historical wisdom. She pioneered the writing of Labour history from below and emerges as a complex and lucid philosopher of social change whilst also charting the evolution of the post-war British Left's thinking about its future and its past. Her work brought to life the intense and dangerous interior world of working-class meetings, conventions and newspapers. "Your warehouses and your homes will be given over to flames" warned the Irish Chartist Thomas Devyr. The demands of the Chartists exceeded parliamentarianism ? they demanded the repeal of the New Poor Law, the repeal of the Act of Union with Ireland, and a whole new way of life. With the political demands of the Charter also came arming, drilling, and the possibility of insurrection. It was a working-class movement with enduring accomplishments like National Trade Unions, municipal building societies, and local co-operatives. Dorothy Thompson gives pride of place to the voices in hymn, oratory, diary and newspaper of the men and women who struggled against the child-consuming factory, the complacency of Victorianism, and Empire-induced starvations. Those voices arose in the era of Liberalism. 206pp in paperback.
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