1666: Plague, War and Hellfire

1666: Plague, War and Hellfire

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1666 was a watershed year for England. An outbreak of the Great Plague, the eruption of the second Dutch War, and the devastating Great Fire of London all struck the country in rapid succession and with devastating repercussions. Shedding light on these dramatic events and their context, historian Rebecca Rideal reveals an unprecedented period of terror and triumph. Based on original archival research drawing on little-known sources, 1666 opens with the fiery destruction of London before offering a glimpse of the incredible scientific and artistic progress being made at that time, from Isaac Newton's discovery of gravity to the establishment of The London Gazette. It was in this year that John Milton completed Paradise Lost, Frances Stewart posed for the iconic image of Britannia, and a young architect named Christopher Wren proposed a plan for a new London - a stone phoenix to rise from the charred ashes of the old city. Here is a city and a country on the cusp of modernity. Maps, 22 colour and woodcut illus, cast of characters like Charles II, Margaret Cavendish the author, Nell Gwynne, Aphra Behn, John Evelyn, London physician Nathaniel Hodges and a Puritan teacher living in Hoxton named Thomas Vincent.
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