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Black ones, red ones, stripy ones, orange ones, tomatoes come in all varieties and can develop a flavour in keeping with their type, size and colour. Among the qualities found in this selection are large fruit with thin skins and an abundance of luscious juice, black cultivars with a spicy, smoky, exotic 'tang' and flavourful yet mild, low acid, and white varieties for those with a delicate palate. Some tomatoes are capable of withstanding the ravages of disease. Some are very tasty, others tough. A new range of cherry tomatoes has been developed to suit the lunchbox or children's requirements and today tomatoes are in continuous supply to shops and supermarkets, regardless of season. How does buying and eating a supermarket tomato compare with picking and eating a succulent, sun-ripened 'old' variety or a modern cultivar straight from the plant? Are modern F1 varieties as good as their ancestors in taste? The book includes as wide a selection of tomato types, sizes, colours and potential flavours as possible, 100 varieties from the thousands available worldwide. Do you want small cherry types with piquant flavour? Or beefsteak 2lb Beefmaster, Tiny Tim at ¾" size, sandwich fillers or roasting tomatoes? An early outdoor dwarf bush tomato with lots of bright scarlet fruit will fit neatly into a flower border or hanging basket. From when and how to plant your seed to how to train your plants and whether or not to practise 'leafing' Terry Marshall has 60 years' experience from formal horticultural education to becoming a commercial tomato grower. Convinced of the importance of sustainable methods, he is certain that the production of a satisfying quality fruit lies in the careful cultivation of the plants at each stage. This showcase really looks so pretty, 128 pages, colour photos, diagrams, index and for each variety chosen type, site, fruit and plus points.
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