ROUGH JUSTICE: The True Story of Agent Dronkers

ROUGH JUSTICE: The True Story of Agent Dronkers

David Tremain    Book Number: 85763    Product format: Hardback

The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 1939 has ensured that most of the Continent was in the grip of ruthless, totalitarian dictators who were determined to enslave the surviving democracies. This was the political and economic backdrop to the events that unfolded in 1942 when the Abwehr infiltrated agents into southern England on a variety of missions. Some spies who emerged from detention at 020, such as TATE and MUTT were selected for a future directed by XX Committee and survived the war, while almost a dozen others, including Johannes Dronkers, faced a very different fate. What made him different from other, similar examples of German agents infiltrated into the country, masquerading as refugees? Why was he selected for prosecution and ultimately execution? Close scrutiny of his experience pieced together from original files and a successful attempt to trace his family in the Netherlands reveals some uncomfortable aspects to MI5's investigation and raises a suspicion of high-level political interference. Details of this remarkable story began to emerge in 1981, but it is only now that the whole case can be examined in detail. Early in the morning of 18th May 1942, three Dutchmen were captured in the North Sea and taken to MI5. It soon became clear that Dronkers was no mere refugee escaping Nazi occupation. He had a hidden agenda, to betray secrets about the state of Britain's war preparedness to the German Abwehr in what was to be an intriguing episode in the cat-and-mouse game played between German and British intelligence. Why wasn't he turned as MI5 had done to many other enemy spies? The Dronkers case captures the details of Dronkers' recruitment, capture and interrogation by MI5, as well as his trial at the Old Bailey. Historian Tremain reveals the Abwehr's lost recipe for secret ink, and exposes exactly what made a Dutchman escape to England and betray his country. With a foreword by Nigel West. 315pp, photos and useful list of abbreviations.
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