RELUCTANT AMBASSADOR: Life and Times of Sir Thomas Chaloner

RELUCTANT AMBASSADOR: Life and Times of Sir Thomas Chaloner

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"He experienced during the religious upheaval of political intrigue of four Tudor reigns, while many close to him lost their positions and even their lives." Serving in the household of Thomas Cromwell after University, Chaloner was later entrusted with delicate diplomatic missions in France, Scotland, Flanders and finally Spain, where he was resident ambassador at the court of Philip II. His career was helped by his close friendship with William Cecil whom he got to know at Oxford. An intellectual and a humanist, he had a close circle of literary friends with whom he collaborated in the staging of court masques and other productions. He produced reams of verse and also translated several works from Latin, among them 'The Praise of Folly' by Erasmus. In Spain, Chaloner devoted much energy toward trying to save dozens of English sailors who had found themselves imprisoned as a result of bitter trade disputes between England and Spain. The stresses of his job weakened him physically, and he died soon after his recall, leaving a wife and young son. This fascinating but little-known character is brought to life in vivid detail, with details of his accounts and estates. How many he knew personally ended their lives on the block? A quick survey has to include Thomas Cromwell, Henry Norris, John Fisher, John Cheke, Thomas Seymour, possibly Jane Grey, and the Dukes of Somerset and Northumberland. It is also remembered that Chaloner did not allow his own beliefs to prevent him from serving the Catholic Queen Mary. During his three and a half years in Spain his reports and letters show his growing disillusionment with his role. His complaints range from the weather and the cost of living in Madrid to the lack of contact with England and the inflexibility of Spanish bureaucracy. Plus ça change! 15 illustrations including his ornate handwriting and portraits. Family trees.
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