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Sub-titled 'The Pleasures and the Perils of Ageing', the author turns a critical eye honed by social psychology, psychoanalysis, feminism and radical politics on the vicissitudes of ageing. A process that lies in wait for all of us, this courageous study has boundless compassion and a new way of living on can be the focus of a strategy of resistance. Leading thinker Segal examines her life, and studies the work and lives of other writers and artists, to explore the pleasures and perils of growing old. Following in the footsteps of Simone de Beauvoir who was writing energetically in her 60s and 70s, she mixes memoir, literature and polemic to examine the inevitable consequences of staying alive. Who is that stranger who stares back from the mirror? What happens to ambition and sexuality? The book is about affirming life, whatever our age, and acknowledging the necessity and significance of the love, friendship and support of those around you. "In a dream you are never 80" wrote Anne Sexton. There are a hundred ways to defy ageing from strenuous exercise and cosmetic surgery to relentless workaholism and maniacal activity. Many over 65year olds today feel 20 years younger. Lynne Segal has lived through every phase, literary and political, of the women's movement as an activist, scholar, teacher and writer and here she opens the floodgates on ageing for both men and women and recommends protesting against ageism. Dozens of examples from poetry, plays and literature. 331pp.
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