ALBION'S GLORIOUS ILE: The Shyres of England and Wales

ALBION'S GLORIOUS ILE: The Shyres of England and Wales

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The otherworldly pictorial maps collected in these four volumes were created by the engraver William Hole (d.1624) to illustrate a vast 15,000 line landscape poem Poly-Olbion by Michael Drayton (1563-1631). The poem and its illustrative maps depict the Elizabethan familiar rolling countryside as an animated and mythologised landscape. Hills are represented as stout country gentlemen, rivers as naked water nymphs and bearded gods, forests as elegantly-clad huntresses. In a Britain largely lacking in roads, rivers or flu were important natural features and the maps are veined in water. The entire text to all 30 songs is printed on the inside front cover of each volume. The rivers Isis and Thame marry in Song XV, crowned with local flowers and in Song XXI, the Gogmagog Hill, with his thick rural dialect, comically woos the River Granta. Each volume is an outsized softback with the map reproduced in original monochrome over each page, which were subsequently hand coloured by both amateur and professional colourists. And this is exactly what you could do today if you so wished. Volume I Cornwal to Worestershyre songs I - VIII; volume II Shropshyre to Buckinghamshyre; volume III Midlesex to Huntingdonshyre and volume IV Northamptonshyre to Westmorlande and completing the songs XXIII to XXX. Despite being virtually unknown today, Poly-Olbion has rippled underneath the surface of our culture with figures like E. M. Forster, Thomas Hardy and C. S. Lewis being inspired by a lost pastoral Britain. As a set of colouring books, we celebrate hand colouring as a 17th century French artform. History, colouring, see how our glorious isles have changed through these 30 county maps. 8½" x 13". Set of four paperbacks in slipcover.
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