PICTURING PRINCE: An Intimate Portrait

PICTURING PRINCE: An Intimate Portrait

STEVE PARK    Book Number: 85677    Product format: Hardback

"I walked into the studio - it was dark, with just a few candles burning. He gestured for me to sit next to him and played me a song over the speakers. He had just recorded it. It was an intimate and personal song, nothing but layers of vocals. Lush and yearning. Unbelievably raw and beautiful... I later found out that the song was called 'Mind Blo', but I never heard it again. I have no idea what happened to it. I assume it's in his vault, along with who knows how many other songs no one's ever heard. It's an experience I will never forget." For 15 years, Steve Parke worked as the artist formally known as Prince as his Art Director. Here are many never-before-seen, long forgotten and very rare personal images giving a behind-the-scenes insight into the dazzling performer. A lavish production, princely in its grandiose presentation, the lush full page colour photographs capture the performer in many different costumes, with all the descriptions of the promotions or more private moments captured behind-the-scenes and with his wife in their beautiful home in Marbella. Amongst our favourites are Prince driving his Prowler out into the countryside to an arboretum where the trees are heavy with gold and copper leaves. Prince is contrasting with them all in a long black turtleneck sweater with heavy dark-rimmed glasses and his Symbol on a long silver chain around his neck. The resulting images are quite beautiful. "We walked and walked (click), then returned to his car and drove further down the path to flower-field hedges (click). I took a picture of his reflection in the shiny hood of his car (click)." The style icon had the most beautiful brown eyes, is really fairly hairy, and usually wearing heels and make-up, perfectly posed in the most flattering of images in this spectacular gallery of colour portraits. With his impish sense of fun answering the phone at Paisley Park, and lots of background info on his staff, collaborations and visiting musicians to the studios at the ranch. 224 magnificent large pages, heavyweight with colour.
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