PAW TRACKS: A Childhood Memoir

PAW TRACKS: A Childhood Memoir

DENIS O'CONNOR    Book Number: 85630    Product format: Paperback

"That night, whilst I lay sleepless in bed, the images of the rainbow and bird came back and they now assumed the aura of messengers... I already felt that those images held an exciting promise, a tale of contact with the natural-born creatures which would become part of my destiny." We find ourselves in the woods, at Owl Cottage, a secret place enveloped in greenery where Irish Catholic Denis O'Connor and his family lived in a constant state of self condemnation. "I struggled against this and was regularly punished physically for allegedly offending God." Scarred by the rejection and humiliation which he suffers at the hands of his unloving father, young Denis finds solace in the woods and riverbanks of his native Northumberland. Yet his new-found happiness communing with nature and the local animals - a neighbour's violent dog, an untamed horse, a wounded goose and a white cat called Brumas - is severely tested when he finds his pet dog has been put down. This tragic incident almost results in Denis's own death, but for the timely intervention of a stranger's golden retriever which saves his life. As Denis grows older he begins to unravel the dark secret of his own origins and the mystery as to why he was so tormented. 214pp in paperback by the bestselling author of 'Paw Tracks in the Moonlight'.
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ISBN 9781849019972
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