17 CARNATIONS: The Royals, the Nazis

17 CARNATIONS: The Royals, the Nazis

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"What a smug stinking lot my relations are," wrote the former King Edward VIII to his wife Wallis Simpson in 1953, the year the playboy King was not invited to the Coronation. What few people knew was that Churchill and Eisenhower were fighting a losing battle to destroy an incriminating file that implicated the Duke and Duchess in pro-Nazi activities during the previous 20 years. When Hitler came to power in 1933 he had immediately targeted the Prince of Wales, hoping to marry him off to pro-Nazi royalty through his aristocratic spy Princess Stephanie of Hohenlohe who moved in Britain's pro-Nazi circles and was a close friend of Wallis Simpson. German ambassador Von Ribbentrop was Wallis's lover and sent her 17 carnations every day. When the exiled Duke and Duchess visited Germany in 1937 the Duke gave Nazi salutes and had a solo meeting with Hitler for almost an hour. Fleeing to Portugal in 1940, they became implicated in a "peace plot", and this was the subject of the microfilm discovered by the Allies in 1945 as they advanced through Germany. Churchill wanted to destroy the evidence incriminating the British royal family, and this gripping book is the story of the battle with those who wanted to make the information public. The author asks the question whether more war criminals would have faced trial at Nuremberg if Britain had released the German war office files. Acclaimed biographer of Princess Diana, Andrew Morton brings a superb level of research to this detective story. 370pp, photos.
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