STEPHEN HAWKING: A Life in Science

STEPHEN HAWKING: A Life in Science

MICHAEL WHITE & JOHN GRIBBIN    Book Number: 85406    Product format: Paperback

During his lifetime anything about Stephen Hawking was newsworthy and this would never have happened to any other scientist in the world. But Stephen Hawking was no ordinary scientist. His book A Brief History of Time notched up worldwide sales in the millions, but his story does not begin or end with his bestseller. His career as a scientist began over 30 years earlier when he embarked on cosmological research at Cambridge University. His theoretical work on black holes and his progress in advancing our understanding of the origin and nature of the Universe has been ground-breaking and often revolutionary. As his career soared, he has led a domestic life as alien to most people as his work is esoteric. At the age of 21 Hawking discovered that he had the wasting disease ALS, also called Motor Neuron Disease, and he has spent much of his life confined to a wheelchair yet never allowed his illness to hinder his scientific development. This skilful portrait of the indefatigable genius traces the course of his life and science, marrying biography and physics to tell the story of a remarkable and now much-missed man. Hawking's speculations could prove as revolutionary as those of Albert Einstein. The book is written with a combination of erudition, warmth, robustness and wit entirely appropriate to the subject. 372pp in paperback.
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