DOWN BEER STREET: History In A Pint Glass

DOWN BEER STREET: History In A Pint Glass

MIKA RISSANEN & J. TAHVANAINEN    Book Number: 85309    Product format: Paperback

To stop things getting too dry after Christmas, we look into the ABV (percentage of alcohol content by volume), gravity, bitterness and colour of beer. In Egypt, long home to a great many grape vines, the pharaoh's beer was considered to be the tipple of drunkards. The Hellenes considered beer to be an entirely barbaric beverage and the mere fact that beer was made from barley which the Romans regarded as animal fodder, rendered it suspect to them. Tacitus wrote of the Germanic people who drank large quantities of beer while making decisions in matters of war and peace. Our book presents anecdotes from throughout the centuries when beer played a decisive role in the course of history. It highlights the central role of beer in European culinary cultures and customs, as a source of inspiration and even a facilitator of friendships between nations. In 24 chapters it looks at beer in the context of cultures, ideas, social changes and economic circumstances in different eras ranging from the early Middle Ages to the 21st century. From the Irish monks who spread brewing techniques and Christianity across Europe, how beer prompted Martin Luther's Theses to its role as a sports drink in the Tour de France, the abbey beers throughout Europe up to Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution, the book ponders whether Peter the Great ordered the Russians to drink beer instead of vodka and how Louis Pasteur was involved in London's Whitbread Brewery. Did you know that during the Reformation brewing beer from hops was a political act as there was no tax on hops which restricted the income of the Catholic Church and that the first cargo on the German railway network was two barrels of beer? You do now! Well illustrated 240 page softback.
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