TO THE MOON AND BACK: Over 25 Papercraft Projects

TO THE MOON AND BACK: Over 25 Papercraft Projects

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Mission control is calling all space crafters. With this space-tacular book, you can dress up like an alien, fly an origami UFO and make a spinning satellite, all before you even put on your spacesuit. All you need is a few simple materials like scissors, glue, pencils, a ruler and some colouring pens, pencils or paints. Cut out and use the four postcards to the Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, The Rings of Saturn on an alien's face. With scissors, glue and a drinking straw launch some speedy rockets. For each project there is a difficulty rating and it begins with Easy like the cut-out alien face where you can write a message inside the mouth or on the back, even in your language or code. Make a planetary mobile to hang in your room, learn about the solar system, pictured in glorious colour on black paper and going beyond the Hard category to Pro, try making the origami star with coloured paper or the astronaut's space capsule. Press out and fold a gorgeous Mars pop-up scene on one of the harder card pages and press out the pre-cut pieces, all numbered and noted where the glue must be stuck to build a space shuttle and rocket. Make an alien desk buddy to keep you company and press out the mix and match body pieces to make your own alien creation. With colourful papers included at the end and over 100 colour stickers. 64 large pages. Ages six to adult.
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ISBN 9781783123551
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