SEEING PHYSICS: 2600 Years of Discovery from Thales to Higgs

SEEING PHYSICS: 2600 Years of Discovery from Thales to Higgs

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There are 51 crucial concepts in physics whose discovery and explanation are milestones in human comprehension of our world and the Universe and "springboards" which permitted the formulation of theories that led to yet greater discoveries. So, for example, taking the first entry, the principles of triangulation as first postulated by Thales of Miletus (624-525BC), which he devised to work out geographical heights and distances of ships to shore, are today used in GPS and mobile phone systems. The principle of Archimedes? Balance of around 250BC, "two objects balance at distances inversely proportional to their weights", led to accurate weighing machines, the concept of centres of gravity and the foundations of building design and construction and after a hard day?s balancing things he took a bath, discovering his Principle, more useful to the world than he could ever have imagined. Professor Lemons takes us ever onward in this thrilling chronological journey, explaining all 51 concepts in all by means of simple drawings and comprehensible explanations and then showing how they have been developed. The formulae for planetary motion in a heliocentric solar system as proposed by Copernicus in 1543 were used essentially unchanged for the probes sent out last century which have now whizzed close to Pluto and beyond and the contributions of Newton, Boyle, Faraday, Kepler, Joule, Planck and Einstein need little introduction. Bringing things up to date we have the discovery of sub-atomic particles, radioactivity, nuclear fission and fusion, the greenhouse effect and the Higgs boson. 255pp bound in a dazzling orange fluorescent cover. Diagrams and line art.
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