MYTH-BUSTING YOUR BODY: The Scientific Facts

MYTH-BUSTING YOUR BODY: The Scientific Facts

DR SARAH SCHENKER    Book Number: 85288    Product format: Hardback

You avoid carbs, dairy and gluten. You breakfast well and take supplements. You do this because it is healthy, right? WRONG! Myths and unproven beliefs about diet and nutrition have always been around but, as the Western world faces up to an obesity epidemic, there has been a surge in recent years. Media attention to diet and "diets" has exploded of late and it has only served to confuse. Dietary "facts" are spouted on TV, in print and online from medical professionals, dieticians and celebrities and frequently these do not just disagree but directly contradict each other, and when the supermarkets get involved in selling the latest "superfood" the quest for truth becomes all but impossible! Covering everything from caffeine and alcohol to oily fish and "brain food" Dr Schenker says that a common theme of fashionable diets is the elimination of certain food groups which frequently leads to inadequate intakes of essential nutrients leading to reduced, not improved, health and well-being. In almost all cases the correct advice would be consuming all types of foods in moderation. Debunking the scaremongering headlines, she explains exactly what happens when we eat, drink and exercise and what we need to do and eat to keep healthy - health advice that is solidly rooted in scientific fact. Colour photos and diagrams. 192pp.
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