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Vanity Fair represented the last word in literary prestige, social glamour and visual ravishment. It was published by Condé Montrose Nast (1872-1942), the dashing Casanova and publishing entrepreneur. Its pages shimmied with photographs by Man Ray and Cecil Beaton, colour plates by Matisse, Picasso and Gauguin, but it died young. Then in the 1980s it was brought back to life in a blaze of marketing hype beyond anything the magazine world had ever seen. The young Tina Brown was working in London and growing increasingly restless at Tatler and her husband, the award-winning Harold Evans, was ready to leave the UK. The couple arrived in 1983 in Manhattan on a mission. Summoned in the hope that she can save the troubled new flagship Vanity Fair, Tina is plunged into the maelstrom of competitive New York media. She survives the politics and the intrigue by a simple stratagem - succeeding. Here are the inside stories of the scoops and covers that sold millions - the Raegan kiss, the meltdown of Princess Diana's marriage to Prince Charles, the sensational Annie Leibovitz cover of the gloriously pregnant and naked Demi Moore, Michael Jackson, Cher, and Whoopi Goldberg arms and legs akimbo in a white milk bath tub. Jaw-dropping and name-dropping, here is a hyper glamorous world of parties, advertisers, stars, agents, the wedding of Arianna Stassinopoulos, working on Dalí artwork spreads for the magazine, cocktail parties, hotels, deadlines, return journeys to London for the relaunch of Tatler, chats with Gail Sheehy about the new piece she wanted to write about menopause, her child's neurological problem and more. The book has cinematic pages of drama, comedy and the struggle of raising a family and running an 'it' magazine at the same time. Portrays the glitter, greed, glamour and her witty skewerings are first class in this juicy read. 436pp in paperback, 16 pages of colour and mono photos.
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