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'My son, cast thy heart firmly on the Lord, and fear not the judgement of men, when conscience testifieth of thy dutifulness and innocencey.' - Edith Cavell. A toxic mix of nationalism and militarism tore Europe and the wider world apart from 1914 to 1919. There was one factor that united millions of people across all nations - that of the Christain faith. People interpreted this faith in many different ways: soldiers marched off to war with ringing endorsements from bishops that they were fighting a Godly crusade; others preached in churches and tribunal hearings that war was fundamentally against the teachings of Christ. Whether Church of England or Nonconformist, Catholic of Presbyterian, German Lutheran or the American Church of Christ in Christian Union, men and women across the globe conceptualised their war through the prism of their belief in a Christian god. The book brings together 23 individual and family case studies, some from well known personalities like John Reith and Edith Cavell, and also Joseph Garvey, chaplains like Father Francis Gleeson, women like Lilian Hayman, Christians from other nations like Pastor Pieter-Jozef Dergent, conscientious objection from Laurence Cadbury and families like the Brocklesbys pictured in front of their home in Conisbrough, Yorkshire. Nurse Edith Cavell was executed for helping Allied soldiers escape from German occupied Brussels in 1914 and 1915; Sergeant Alvin York was one of America's most decorated war heroes; Maude Royden became the first woman to preach at the City Temple in London; Martin Niemöller went from being a U-boat commander and German war hero in WWI, to a prisoner of Hitler in WWII. Victor Salisbury's Bible literally saved his life as shrapnel ripped through the pages but not his heart, and Edith Gell, whose pocket sized book of Daily Bible Verses and Quotations sold more than 400,000 copies. A new and most interesting angle on the experience of war on human beings. 226pp, photos.
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