ELIZABETH: The Forgotten Years

ELIZABETH: The Forgotten Years

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She had the body of a woman, and the heart of a lion. Elizabeth I, the fierce Queen of England, is an example of Britain's iconic monarchs; she is a queen who wielded her power, particularly after the idea of marriage was put behind her, and she not only reigned, but ruled. From allowing Sir Walter Raleigh to settle in his brave new world, to the Armada and her campaign against French Catholicism, she was not without challenge, and certainly not without love interest, and has always been a figure whose life has fascinated us for centuries. An award-winning Cambridge historian, John Guy received the Whitbread Biography Award as well as being nominated as a finalist of the National Book Critics Circle Award for The True Life of Mary Stewart, as well as writing the biography of Henry VIII for the Penguin Monarchs series, and continues his avid pursuit of the lives of monarchs through Elizabeth. In using forensic work, Guy has sifted through thousands of letters written under her name until he has put together a clear image of an anxious woman who is more human than her lion-heart veneer would suggest, particularly around her worries concerning her court. Her impression of a cool façade, despite her insecurity, is perfectly demonstrated in various passages of the biography, including a reference to how Elizabeth distrusted the Earl of Essex to the extent that she organised for him to consult with Sir Thomas Leighton so as to avoid Essex making any important decisions on his own. Discover amusing anecdotes surrounding the public image of Queen Elizabeth, whether that is the fact that William Cecil was the first person to serve Elizabeth sweet potatoes, home grown from New World seed (rather than Sir Walter Raleigh), or that those wanting to inherit the throne instead of James were tersely, and maybe perhaps affectionately, referred to by Elizabeth as 'des Canailles' (the rascals). Remainder mark, 16 x 24cm, colour photos of portraits and archived letters, 493pp.
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