PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH: The World of Weird Animals

PINK IS FOR BLOBFISH: The World of Weird Animals

JESS KEATING    Book Number: 85119    Product format: Hardback

Discover the world's perfectly pink animals like the pink land iguana which lives on a single isolated volcano on one small island in the Galapagos and survives off cactus pads, fallen fruit and shrubs. Pink slugs, hippopotamuses, pink sea stars, Hopkins' rose nudibranch, a tiny sea snail without a shell, a pink fairy armadillo, the beautifully mottled and cute-faced pygmy seahorse, orchis mantises which look like harmless flowers but have strong arms and big appetites, the pink-toed tarantula and the super ugly slimy pink blobfish made of gelatinous goo, voted the ugliest animal in the world! If you thought pink was cute and cuddly, think again! For each species there are size, diet, habitat, predators and a little background, a huge colour image followed by a world map of colourful creatures and a glossary of useful words. For ages seven to grown ups who are fascinated with ultra-intelligent dolphins, naked mole rats and the natural (pink) world. Large format, colour.
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