DARE TO CARE: Pet Dragon

DARE TO CARE: Pet Dragon

M. P. ROBERTSON & SALLY SYMES    Book Number: 85117    Product format: Hardback

A responsible dragon owner should take time to understand both the external and internal workings of these magnificent creatures. Learn that the iris of the eye changes colour according to mood, that the whiskery tendrils can be styled to attract females, that the tongue is forked and rough, their roars can paralyse you, that everything tastes sweet to a dragon, its blood is cold with supernatural powers, its wings have retractable, sharp and claw-like finials, they have a sharp barbed backbone at the end of their tail used for balance and that they have lots of warts, often filled with pus. Dragons have three stomachs - firepit, gas chamber and main stomach to break down things like elephants, cows, chickens or even 500 sausages! Here is all about choosing an egg and seeing the difference between a good egg and a bad egg thief (with hooked hand) and read about the children Rodney, Harriet, Cassandra and Rick who make music, read and wait for their eggs to hatch. Choose cool dragon names, handling, body language, feeding and baby food, grooming including pressure washing, taking your dragon to the vet for his common ailments like ingrowing claws or snotty flu - dragon mucus is as hot as lava! - exercise and training, flight school, the sky's the limit with your new lifelong friend. Meet the four brave children and their dream dragons the Swamp Lounger, the Lightning Bolt, the Ridgeback Savage and the Dinky Diddums. Top tips and fierce facts throughout this big colourful book for children aged 6-11.
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ISBN 9781847805898
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Customer ratings for DARE TO CARE: Pet Dragon

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Average rating: 4.5
from Anonymous on 08/05/2019
My grand daughter loved this book.
The illustrations are fluid in a dragony fashion and vibrantly coloured. The text is informative and does not 'talk down'.
She now knows how to draw dragons a lot better.
I enjoyed reading it with her too.
Super book
from Anonymous on 13/04/2019
My two grandsons, 7 and 8 are totally fascinated with this and read it together with many delighted comments. Higher recommended!