MANY FACES OF CHRIST: The Thousand-Year Story

MANY FACES OF CHRIST: The Thousand-Year Story

PHILIP JENKINS    Book Number: 85065    Product format: Hardback

We all recognise the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but the alternative scriptures which arose in the variety of Christian sects after Christ's death are uncovered despite original attempts to destroy or hide them. Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History at Baylor University as well as an author of works such as The Great and Holy War and Jesus Wars, brilliantly uncovers the many iterations of the Lost and alternative Gospels that were spread across the world when presenting Jesus. Explore a range of accounts, from how Jesus favoured Mary Magdalene over his other disciples, and Judas understood inner teachings of Jesus that were misunderstood by the other apostles, to the notion that Sophia was among the women who were Jesus' disciples after his resurrection, a divine feminine figure in the Gnostic mythological scheme. Uncover the Biblical influence on Beowulf with Enoch referencing cannibal, giant Nephilim resembling the family of Grendel, and revel in the various ways one could worship the Virgin Mary, from a series of feasts in the Byzantine Empire celebrating events such as the Virgin's birth and other momentous occasions in her life, to the performance of the Song of Solomon as a liturgy devoted to Mary in the English York Play. Including a brilliant map showing the Mediterranean World from Byzantium to Southern France with the Via Egnatia, and excerpts from literature informing our understanding of the many images of Jesus, such as a verse from a Sibylline Oracle's epic poetic rendering of the apocalypse and Judgement Day, you will be treated to not only the extraordinary retellings of Jesus Christ but the world going on around him and after him. Religion and history come together in this extraordinary trip back in time to the ancient Gospel of Nicodemus and gospels written by Muslims and Jews. 326pp.
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