DOCTOR WHO - A History of The Universe In 100 Objects

DOCTOR WHO - A History of The Universe In 100 Objects

JAMES GOSS & STEVE TRIBE    Book Number: 85058    Product format: Hardback

There is no greater voyage than across the universe. From a Time Lord's sonic screwdriver and Excalibur, to the Moon and a DVD, a 100 objects from the Who-niverse are rounded up in this brilliant collection to explain the universe as we know it but also the man who protects it, Doctor Who. Not only are these some of the most amazing objects in the world but they also create a treasure hunt across the universe, starting with The Urns of Krop Tor from before time and ending with the Toclafane from 100,000,000,000,000. Beware. Between the pages you will come across as many villainous extra-terrestrials as you will iterations of the Doctor himself, from cybermen and daleks, to sontarans and marsh minnows. For young and old, this is an account of every Who-fact under the night sky including the dalek graffiti used in the set designs during the return of Doctor Who in 2005 to hint that Daleks had not gone away but were leaving messages, or the 33 uses for a scarf as illustrated in the Tom Baker Doctor Who series such as its function for masking unapproved regenerations or navigating TARDIS corridors. From emergency regulations, to psychic paper, there is no greater way to immerse yourself in all things Doctor Who than through this amazing compendium. 7½" x 10", colour photos, 256pp, remainder mark.
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