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First published posthumously in 1947 in an expurgated form (some criticisms of his army superiors were originally deleted) this captivating memoir traces the Allies' path in the second world war and is told clearly with excellent descriptions. The author was New Zealand born but moved to England at the age of 21, reluctantly and eventually joining his local territorial infantry regiment and later fighting in both battles of El Alamein. He was appalled by the limp reactions of his peers and superiors to aggression. The narrative covers his time in a battalion in Egypt and his first witnessing of death and hiding in Greece with partisans. 'News came early in the morning and all of it was bad. The brigade had gone forward, packed in close formation, its transport clanking noisily with it, had advanced too far on the forward slopes of the Munassib Depression, into a hollow where enemy positions almost enclosed it from three sides. Halted there it had been fired into cheerfully by Germans and Italians who lit the valley up, first with flares and then with the flames of burning vehicles.' In 1941 he had sent his wife and child back to New Zealand, but due to the great distance between them as well as the vagaries of wartime post, many of their letters went astray and when they needed support they couldn't be there for each other. Not long after writing this memoir, tragically John Mulgan committed suicide. He was just 33. Told poetically with spirit and insight. Intro by M. R. D. Foot, 204pp.
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