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Britain's landscapes are full of sex, whether the viewer focuses on the naturally rounded formations of the Paps of Jura or the carefully constructed circles and uprights of Neolithic monuments such as Men an Tol in Cornwall. Neolithic Standing stones often resemble phalluses and would have been used in fertility rites, while Hadrian's Wall in the Roman era has a number of erect phalluses carved into the stonework of the forts at Vindolanda and Housesteads, possibly intended as an aid to virility in warding off the wild Scots. The Cerne Abbas giant from a much earlier period sends out a similar message. Avebury stone circle seen from above is clearly built in the shape of a vagina and womb, and caves and barrows such as those at Grimes Graves, Carn Euny or West Kennet symbolise the female fertility. Explicit carvings of more recent times abound on estates such as Stowe and Bolsover Castle. The statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus presides over a quarter of London renowned for its sexual licence, including Burlington Arcade where 19th century cross-dressing prostitutes would parade their charms, and The Mall, where the young 18th century aristocrat Sir Francis Delaval experienced a racy lifestyle he took back with him to Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland, providing a venue for 'frolics and mischief' sometimes involving 4,000 guests. A fascinating book, with wonderful photos by Alun Bull. 244pp, portrait-orientation, fully illustrated with colour photos, gazetteer.
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