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Written by the winner of the Romantic Novelists' Association Award in 1978, these novels are now available in paperback editions. Madeleine Brent was the pseudonym used by Peter O'Donnell, creator of Modesty Blaise. In 1897, a small ship sailed the Caribbean trading between the islands. It is the home of a man and a girl, runaways wanted for murder who live in fear of arrest. Once Casey had been Emma Delaney, wife of Oliver Foy and mistress of Diablo Hall, one of Jamaica's great houses. A devil had dwelt within who meant to break her to his will. When Emma escaped that sinister marriage, she wanders across the seas learning the skills that she now depends upon. Her life as Casey comes to an end when she is brought penniless to England where she must save the man who possesses the 'Evil Eye'. When she finds love, it brings new danger and an agonising choice. 319pp in facsimile of the 1978 original which has been reprinted at really too small a size which is a pity, but worth popping on the reading glasses to read the story. Paperback.
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ISBN 9780285642171
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