DEMIGODS & MAGICIANS: Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes

DEMIGODS & MAGICIANS: Percy and Annabeth Meet the Kanes

RICK RIORDAN    Book Number: 84967    Product format: Hardback

'Storyteller of the gods' Rick Riordan is famous for his Percy Jackson children's book series based on Greek and Roman mythology and the Kane Chronicles based on Egyptian mythology. This glamorous US import is a first edition US hardback with roughcut pages which is deemed very desirable in the USA and it is a compilation of three short stories originally published in July 2013, April 2014 and March 2015 plus Bonus Material. Magic, monsters and mayhem abound when Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase meet Carter and Sadie Kane for the first time. Weird creatures are appearing in unexpected places and the demigods and magicians have to team up to take them down. As they battle with celestial bronze and glowing hieroglyphs, the four heroes find they have more power than they ever thought possible, but will their combined forces be enough to spoil an ancient enemy who is mixing Greek and Egyptian incantations for an evil purpose? The first story is entitled The Son of Sobek and begins: 'Getting eaten by a giant crocodile was bad enough. The kid with the glowing sword only made my day worse.' The Staff of Serapis begins: 'Until she spotted the two-headed monster, Annabeth didn't think her day could get any worse. She'd spent all morning doing make up work for school.' The third story is The Crown of Ptolemy. 188 roughcut pages, US first edition. A Disney publication.
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