IN ORDER TO LIVE: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom

IN ORDER TO LIVE: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom

YEONMI PARK    Book Number: 84921    Product format: Paperback

This wrenchingly honest work represents the plight of many. At the age of 13 with her mother, Yeonmi Park made a harrowing escape from the brutal conditions in North Korea and two years later reached South Korea and freedom. But the devastating journey in-between cost her her childhood and nearly her life. She describes the deprivation and deception she endured, that millions of North Korean people continue to endure to this day, and also her most painful and difficult memories, told with bravery and dignity. She tells how her mother was betrayed and that they were sold into sexual slavery in China and forced to suffer terrible psychological and physical hardship. Today she is a human rights activist and her testimony is rare, edifying, unimaginable, but never without hope and the determination never to be hungry again. 273pp in paperback, photos. 'For a long time I thought it was a business negotiation, not rape... I was six months past my thirteenth birthday, and small for my age. When Hong Wei pressed himself on top of me, I thought I would split in two... I was watching myself, but it wasn't me.' 14 pages of photos, one of the very beautiful Yeonmi in Seoul (as a survivor) 2015 with her mother and sister reunited. Paperback, remainder mark.
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