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An in-depth look at a much studied topic of recent interest from an expert in the field. Artificial Intelligence expert Zarkadakis asks if AI will save or destroy us. We are on the brink of a fourth industrial revolution with AI at its heart, yet the debate rages over the direction it should be taking. Could it ever become more intelligent than humans, or even truly conscious? Zarkadakis explores how the very origins of AI and our love-hate relationship with it reflect the workings of the human mind. From myths to mathematics, philosophy to neuropsychology, and from basic logic to super computers, he considers the history, pioneers and innovations that make AI possible. Finally and most controversially he reveals where new technologies are taking us now. For wherever we think we are heading, it is clear that Artificial Intelligence will have profound implications for the future of science and the fate of humanity itself. Chapters include Loving the Alien, Prometheus Unbound, Minds Without Bodies, A Blueprint for the Universe, The Cybernetic Brain, From Bletchley Park to Google Campus and more. He begins 'I met my first robot when I was five.' 362pp in paperback.
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ISBN 9781846044366
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