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What do get when you get three bestselling crime writers to list all the great lost rock and pop albums of all time and then get a comedy writer to buy them all a pint and make them write it? Here are those 50 misplaced classics, with a complete history and track listing. How about Morrissey's pantomime tribute album featuring John Inman, the Krankies and Charles Hawtrey? Kylie and Jason made a little-celebrated 1987 Neighbours garage album, Sorting Out Your Big End, featuring such gems as Can't Get You Out of My Head Gasket and John and Paul decided to get their wives to bury the hatchet in 1980, the result being the Yoko Ono/Linda McCartney Double Nightmare album. When Elton John and Bernie Taupin decided that they could do each other's job better than the other and swapped roles the result, Captain Illiterate and the Tone-Deaf Cowboy (featuring its tribute to Southampton's finest, Benny Hill and the Jets), was the worst album ever made and Pete Townsend's precursor to Tommy was the album Bingo Wizard (feat. Tom Jones and Irene Handl), until it was pointed out that a deaf, dumb and blind kid was never going to make it as a bingo caller. The greatest albums that never existed but really should have done, this is a rock n roll riot from cover to cover. 268pp with b/w photos.
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