MEANING OF FLOWERS: ArtFolds Sculpture Book

MEANING OF FLOWERS: ArtFolds Sculpture Book

LUCIANA FRIGERIO    Book Number: 84706    Product format: Hardback

Medium level difficulty, 169 folding pages which when completed creates a beautiful stunning red and yellow flower on a green background emerging from the glossy thick pages of this very special book. The text itself is still readable, but you may wish to read it before you fold. From the symbolism of flowers in myth and history, through Shakespeare's poetry and the 'Talking Bouquets' of the Victorians, flowers symbolise romance and we appreciate their beauty, scent, flavour and health-giving properties. 'Marigold flowers can be used as an inexpensive substitute for saffron or tarragon.' The meaning of pansy is loyalty. The Knights of the Round Table would use pansies to tell the future. In Feng Shui, the pink peony is used to encourage love and romance. One pretty fact per righthand page, artfully typeset. For ages seven to adult, a book to sculpt in just a few hours.
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ISBN 9780794433321
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