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Jennifer Ackerman has been writing about science, nature and human biology for almost three decades and here she celebrates and explores the newly discovered brilliance of birds. As she travels around the world to the distant laboratories of Barbados and New Caledonia, the great tit communities of the UK and the bowerbird habitats of Australia, the ravaged mid-Atlantic coast after Hurricane Sandy and the warming mountains of central Virginia and the western states, Ackerman not only tells the story of the recently uncovered genius of birds, but also delves into the latest findings about the bird brain itself. She considers that Clark's Nutcracker, a bird that can hide as many as 30,000 seeds over dozens of square miles and remember several months later where it put them, or the mocking birds and thrashers, species that can store 200 to 2,000 different songs in a brain a thousand times smaller than ours. She points out the impressive social habits, how birds can deceive and manipulate, eavesdrop, give gifts, kiss to console one another, blackmail their parents, alert one another to danger, summon witnesses to the death of a peer and that they may even grieve. An elegant scientific investigation and travelogue woven with personal anecdote and fascinating science. 340pp. Apologies for remainder mark.
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