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Finally, here is a musical scales book that offers the whole package - a great range of scales and modes in every key with straightforward diagrams and notation plus - that typically absent component in a book format - sound! If you have a smartphone (the best option), download any free QR code reader app (you can also use your laptop and go to the web address provided) and this will link you to a dedicated secure site which will deliver each scale in piano and guitar format, as well as further links to chords so you can read, see and hear each scale - just like that! Arranged in 12 sections for the 12 main scale groups (A-G with the four sharps/flats) there are 18 scales for each, shown on staves and with a scale pattern, a total of 216! Here are the basics and the more unusual, ideal for practise, solowork, new instrument practise and improvisation, this is a guide that will remain useful your entire musical life. Whether you need to practise an A Major or a C Lydian Dominant, a G Minor Pentatonic or an F Diminished or perhaps you just want to hear what an F Harmonic Minor sounds like, this is the perfect interactive tutor for all levels. 256pp softback, 17 x 21cm.
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