LINES IN THE ICE: Exploring the Root of the World

LINES IN THE ICE: Exploring the Root of the World

PHILIP HATFIELD    Book Number: 84597    Product format: Hardback

Written by the Lead Curator of Digital Mapping at the British Library no less, this spectacular, glamorous illustrated large coffee table book invites us to explore the modern world. Following the course of major historic journeys, it chronicles our long fascination with the Arctic and the impact we continue to make on this remote and unforgiving and very beautiful location. From the rich collection of archival material from the British Library here are topographical views, paintings, woodcuts, maps, explorers' diaries, letters, newspaper accounts, early photographs, relics, politics and indigenous knowledge, human marks on the landscape, Inuit print culture right through to digital maps. Arctic tourists included artists like the American painter William Bradford (see pages 166-9) and female travellers like Geraldine Moodie who came to the Arctic because of family connections and others like Agnes Deans Cameron who journeyed there out of a more general impulse to travel. Her 1909 publication is a story of the Canadian state's northerly expansion in which whalers still work the shores and Inuit groups are enmeshed in the economies and cultures of whaling and sealing. Her photographs capture this hybridisation as portrayed by her images of Inuit children playing 'farthest north football' in the Arctic summer and of her showing the first typewriter on the Great Slave Lake. Holding the severed head of a mousse on her title page is not pleasant to today's modern eyes. From vast archives is one of the cylinders found containing messages pertaining to the fate of the Franklin expedition, photographed on loan from the National Maritime Museum. One of the exquisite full page woodcut illustrations is by Gustave Doré from the Ancient Mariner entitled The Shooting of the Albatross and there are illustrations of Arctic culture, boats, sledges and kettles made from a journey in 1795 and Arthur Dobbs MP who knew that the discovery of the Passage would not be left to unchartered companies and traders. An extraordinary history covering the East India Company and world expansion, and beautiful nature with polar bears, birds and whales, and fantastic cartographic examples throughout. 256pp, 9" x 11¼".
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