NORSE MYTHOLOGY: Tales of the Gods, Sagas and Heroes

NORSE MYTHOLOGY: Tales of the Gods, Sagas and Heroes

ABBIE FAREWELL BROWN    Book Number: 84567    Product format: Hardback

Join the Norse gods Odin, Loki and Thor as they and their companions battle, bicker and banter their way through life in this compilation of Scandinavian folklore. Discover how the world began find out how Odin lost his eye, and encounter Ragnar Lodbrok, 'the man who rose from obscurity to become perhaps the most famous Viking of all time, terrorising the shores of Anglo-Saxon England...' When Odin's son Thor lost his mighty hammer, there was uproar. Thor decided to borrow Freyja's feathered garment which would enable Loki to fly to an icy land. There he saw the giant, Thrym, who laughed and said that he had buried the hammer eight miles beneath the earth; unless Freyja would consent to be his wife the hammer would not be returned. Thor reported back to Freyja, but she refused to be Thrym's bride, so he dressed in her garments while Loki dressed as a maidservant. Thrym was fooled, the hammer was returned and then, of course, Thor killed him. Packed with stories, beautifully illustrated in black and white, and packaged in a sturdy slipcase. 384pp. First time discounted new title.
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