BOMBERS AND MASH: The Domestic Front 1939-45

BOMBERS AND MASH: The Domestic Front 1939-45

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Packed with photos, cartoons, advertisements and posters, this fascinating book documents women's lives in wartime. The story starts with "A woman's chronology of the war", including the July 1940 rationing of tea, margarine and cheese. Many evacuee mothers and children had by that time returned home to London, the Germans had entered Paris, and there were over 300,000 women now in civil employment. A poster claiming the war will be won by "Your courage, your cheerfulness and your resolution" annoyed civilians by its "them and us" approach. In 1944 the average women's wage in engineering was £3.10s; the average men's engineering wage was £7, and Churchill rejected demands for equal pay as an "impertinence". A munitions worker is pictured putting together an intricate gun mechanism, overalled women are photographed painting the wings of a bomber, and a crowd of women with pushchairs are seen marching in protest at the lack of nurseries. At a home defence meeting a woman lies flat on the floor taking sights down a rifle butt while a collection of elegant hats are looking on and probably hoping for their turn. Land girls hoeing in overalls pause as a squadron flies overhead, appearing very cheerful in spite of the fact that they were fined if they were caught smoking at their billets. "Sow, grow and add Oxo" was one advertising slogan, and wartime recipes include sheep's head broth and - of course - cabbage soup. 206pp, softback, black and white reproductions on almost every page.
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