BLUEPRINT FOR A BATTLESTAR: Serious Scientific Explanations

BLUEPRINT FOR A BATTLESTAR: Serious Scientific Explanations

ROD PYLE    Book Number: 84445    Product format: Hardback

Rod Pyle, a NASA and JPL insider, explores the questions behind Sci-Fi inventions, endeavouring to answer questions such as, 'how do you fly a jet pack?' and 'how do you destroy a planet?'. As a visual effects consultant on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as well as a writer and journalist, Pyle is well acquainted with the world of science fiction and its iconic features. From The Terminator and The Matrix, to Iron Man and Star Wars, the memorable technologies and real science of these popular features of science fiction are dissected through brilliant images which include 75 illustrations. Pyle explains exciting ideas you can only dream of, such as MIT declaring in 2013 that they had accidentally discovered a similar form of energy to the Star Wars-style weapons - every fan's dream come true! The exploration of cyborgs, artificial intelligence, wormholes, force fields and space colonies give colour to the worlds we love to imagine with aspirations to one day travel in 'light years'. The illustrations take apart plans to create shapely, mechanical, dream women, or 'fembots', as well as blueprints showing plans to conquer Mars. This companion will launch you to infinity and beyond, to discover some of science's most exciting future inventions and bring your Sci-Fi dreams to life. 19.5 x 25.3cm, colour images, 194pp.
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