STEAM TITANS: Cunard, Collins and the Epic Battle

STEAM TITANS: Cunard, Collins and the Epic Battle

WILLIAM M. FOWLER JR.    Book Number: 84435    Product format: Hardback

Between 1845 and the American Civil War came a transport revolution delightfully described at the time as "Vulcan now rides in Neptune's Barge". Steam power, the greatest invention - and prime driver - of the Industrial Revolution transformed the Atlantic into a highway upon which steamships carried people, products and information with hitherto unimaginable speed, regularity, punctuality and reliability between Britain and the USA. This in turn fuelled development across the globe and also gave rise to intensely fierce competition and nowhere was it fiercer than between Samuel Cunard, representing Great Britain, and Edward Knight Collins, representing the USA. This heady mixture of new technology, high finance and Machiavellian politics came face to face with the random, all-conquering power of the Atlantic as these opposing forces fought to capture control of the commercial lifeline that spanned the ocean. In 1819 the first "Steam Coffin" to cross the Atlantic, the Savannah, took 29 days to get from Georgia to Liverpool (slower than many sail journeys) and used up all her coal in 3½ days and had to return under sail! Things rapidly improved though and in this thrilling spectacle of the high seas meets new engineering meets unrestrained commerce William Fowler traces the paths of individual ships, the goods, people and information carried and the money and those who wielded it in a generation-long struggle for supremacy, which saw New York rise to take her place as one of the greatest ports in the world and witnessed some of the greatest triumphs and terrible disasters in maritime history. 358pp with 16 pages of superb colour and b/w plates, first US edition of 2017.
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