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A spellbinding work of biographical fiction, the work of Hilary Mantel comes to mind. It is the brilliant evocation of 17th century England and America and one woman's story of her search for faith and the horrific sacrifices she makes to find it. Mary Dyer was a complex and rebellious woman struggling with guilt, estrangement, and the troubling ways of love as she fights for religious freedom. Mary was a 17th century Puritan who flees persecution in England only to find the colony of Massachusetts Bay as dangerous as the country she left behind. Though she is the wife of a successful merchant and mother to their children, she becomes stigmatised following a birth gone terribly wrong and is reviled as a friend to the infamous heretic Anne Hutchinson. Mary tries to accept New England's harsh realities, but is out¬raged by the cold-hearted Puritan magistrates with their doctrinaire stranglehold on church and state, their sub¬jugation of women, their wars against the natives in the surrounding territories, and their vicious treatment of any who challenge their rule. Mary becomes one of America's first Quakers. As both outcast and privileged citizen, caught between the call¬ings of faith and the ambitions of her husband, she comes to the realisation that she must follow her convictions to bring an end to the brutal repression of Quakers, for whom death by hanging is the ultimate punishment. Here are her fiery exchanges with the colonial magistrates, in this sensitive work of imagi¬nation, true to the historical record. 324pp, map, apologies for remainder mark.
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