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A big beautiful British Library and British Museum UK first edition 2005 paperback with 20 colour and 178 black and white woodcut illustrations, this beautiful book catalogues 110 of the most important prints of the Spanish collector. Ferdinand Columbus (1488-1539), son of Christopher Columbus and author of the first published account of a voyage to the New World, was without doubt the greatest bibliophile and print collector of his day. At the time of his death his library contained over 15,000 volumes and more than 3,200 prints. Although the prints have disappeared, a detailed inventory survives in the Biblioteca Colobina in Seville and it is from many of these very rare surviving and unique impressions that this book has been compiled. All the major Renaissance artists working in the medium are represented including Hans Burgkmair, Ugo da Carpi, Albrecht Dürer, Lucas van Leyden, Giovanni Battista, Palumba and Marcantonio Raimondi. Introductory chapters discuss Columbus's life and work and show how the reconstruction of his collection has radically transformed our understanding of the printmaking industry in Renaissance Europe. We see Ferdinand's early years in Córdoba and arrival at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella, in their service, and enjoy such exquisitely beautiful engravings such as an angel seated on the empty tomb of the Three Marys, woodcuts from Greek fables, an astonishing map of Venice from 1500 and the catalogue itself produces the examples in very large size for us to enjoy the details. There are depictions of the Siege of Rhodes 1522, a large horse 1505 by Dürer, Adam and Eve in a beautiful coloured woodcut on vellum, one of the first examples of printed portraiture, this one depicting the young Charles V in the year he was crowned Holy Roman Emperor, the Massacre of the Innocents 1511, crucifixions, martyrdoms and temptations and other biblical themes. One of a series of six woodcuts depicting the subject of woman's power over man is Delilah Cutting the Hair of Samson. 256 very large pages, 9½" x 11½". Softback.
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