SPEAKING OF DEATH: What the Bereaved Really Need

SPEAKING OF DEATH: What the Bereaved Really Need

ANNIE BROADBENT    Book Number: 84316    Product format: Paperback

One social anthropologist said, "At present, death and mourning are treated with much the same prudery as sexual impulses were a century ago." Perhaps you know what C. S. Lewis meant after his wife's death when he wrote "Perhaps the bereaved ought to be isolated in special settlements like lepers." The Victorians got it right by wearing black armbands, serving as a warning and explaining that someone they love has just died. In Mexico there is a Day of the Dead festival to remember the lives of all the relatives who have died. Modern language has many euphemisms and abbreviations encouraging a societal avoidance of death and we now talk about someone 'passing' instead of 'dying' just a few years ago. Something of a modern taboo, most of us would rather avoid the subject altogether because it makes us feel anxious or awkward. When the author's Mum died, one of the hardest parts of her experience was seeing her friends and extended family paralysed by the fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. In her thoughtful book, Annie presents 16 stories which build a much-needed bridge and combines expert advice in this collection of real-life experiences of grief. Hopefully the book will be hugely helpful to many. 196pp in paperback.
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