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Sub-titled 'The Society Doctor Who Held Victorian London Spellbound' we are taken back to the early 1800s when medicine was a brutal business, operations performed without anaesthesia and conventional treatment relying on leeches, cupping and toxic potions. On to this scene came John Elliotson, charismatic and ambitious, who was determined to turn these archaic remedies into a practice informed by the latest science. In this aim he was backed by Thomas Wakley, founder of the new magazine The Lancet, and a campaigner against corruption and malpractice. Then in the summer of 1837 a French visitor, the self-styled Baron Jules Denis Dupotet arrived in London to promote an exotic new idea - mesmerism. The mesmerism mania would take the nation by storm but ultimately split the two friends and the medical world asunder, throwing into focus fundamental questions about the fine lines between medicine and quackery, science and superstition, faith in medical men and stupidity. An addictive biography which details a sometimes gruesome history of Victorian hospitals, treatment and medicine. Touches on such prominent figures of the day including Michael Faraday, Director of the Laboratory of the Royal Institute and chemist William Prout. 308pp in large softback, eight pages of photos.
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