ASYLUM: A Survivor's Flight from Nazi-Occupied Vienna

ASYLUM: A Survivor's Flight from Nazi-Occupied Vienna

MORIZ SCHEYER    Book Number: 84197    Product format: Hardback

Written in 1944 while the author was hiding from the Nazis in a French convent, this survivor's account of the persecution and genocide of the Jews has an immediate quality which is fuelled by his not knowing whether he, together with his wife Grete and their non-Jewish friend Slava, will survive. The nuns of a convent in the Dordogne took in the Scheyers when they were saved by the Rispal family who worked for the Resistance, and whenever the police came searching for fugitives, they concealed them in a cavity underneath a slab in the convent's morgue. Scheyer's story starts in Vienna where he was a well-known newspaper critic, and when the Anschluss in 1938 forced many Jews to flee, the Scheyers managed to get to Paris via Switzerland. The details of the flight are fascinating and horrific, including the casual violence Jews were subjected to on the street and the fact that they had to leave everything apart from a few coins, 10 marks, in their pockets. The occupation of Paris in 1940 led to Scheyer's deportation to a concentration camp at Beaune, where he was assigned to heavy labour in Hut 8 but then released without explanation. The Scheyers then paid to be smuggled over the demarcation line into Free France and ended up in the town of Belves in Perigord, but their relief was short-lived when it was announced that Jews throughout France in the free or occupied zones would be rounded up and placed in concentration camps. An attempt to escape to Switzerland failed as a result of a fraudulent scam and finally they were brought to the convent by the Resistance. A gripping story. 305pp, black and white photos. Remainder mark.
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