BRITISH CONCENTRATION CAMPS: A Brief History from 1900-1975

BRITISH CONCENTRATION CAMPS: A Brief History from 1900-1975

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Astonishingly, it seems that Britain, rather than Germany, was responsible for the widespread use of concentration camps during the 20th century. The book describes in detail the camps run in Scotland which held Jews, Communists and homosexuals and explained how the British Army reopened Belsen concentration camp after the end of WWII and used it to keep Jews prisoner. The book reveals Britain's reliance upon slave labour in the late 1940s and tells the story of the labour camps which held a quarter of a million men. Now inextricably linked to Nazi Germany and the horrors of the Holocaust, the idea of British concentration camps is a strange and unsettling one. During the Boer War, the operation of British Army concentration camps led to the deaths of tens of thousands of children from starvation and disease. In 1947, a quarter of the country's agricultural workforce were prisoners in labour camps. Not only did the British Government run their own concentration camps, they willingly acquiesced in the setting up of such establishments in the UK by other countries. During and after WWII, the Polish government-in-exile maintained a number of camps in Scotland where Jews, Communists and homosexuals were imprisoned and sometimes killed. The last political prisoners being held behind barbed wire were released in 1975. From England to Cyprus, Scotland to Malaya, Kenya to Northern Ireland, the book details the most shocking and least known events in British history. 192pp, 20 illus.
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