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Warning, some very bloody, gory and graphic murder scene photos. Glamorous Hollywood legends like Marilyn Monroe shared a dirty mean city with 'Juvies' ready to wreak havoc on the streets or the West LA car club members priming themselves for a night on the town in 1958 wearing their baseball jackets and identical neat haircuts. Gangsters like Mickey Cohen made the front pages of the newspapers, as one of the city's most infamous citizens in 1953, pictured in front of those headlines on page 346. Gossip about Marilyn Monroe's bed partners like Nick Ray, all about Bugsy Siegel who invested mob money in the Flamingo Hotel, before and after images of the attractive Elizabeth Short, then her face battered and ravaged in an actual picture of her body brutally cut in two and drained of blood, the remains of 'The Black Dahlia', being examined by detectives in 1947. Here is an utterly fascinating snapshot of history of this era looking at every aspect of American life from sport and glamour to murder and mayhem, crime and corruption. A visual history like no other, 'Dark City' brings together images from archives, museums, newspaper photo morgues, private collections, and the author's extensive image library to reveal the true grit, grime, and sheer horror stories of Los Angeles from the 1920s to 1950s. In large format, we roam through the back alleys, gin joints, tattoo parlours, gambling dens, nightclubs and the most brutal and bloody crime scenes, to uncover a city crawling with murder and mayhem. From Sunset Boulevard to a jazz-saturated Central Avenue, tabloid headlines chronicle the most famous celebrities and infamous crimes in a hopped-up city that provided inspiration for journalists, pulp fiction scribes, and filmland script writers in their creation of the noir genre. With rare several facsimile vintage 16 pages magazines reprinted and inserted from the crime tabloids of the time, this is a uniquely evocative visual history through the mean streets of the City of Angels. 25 x 27.8 cm, 480 pages, in street map design slipcase, complete with bound-in facsimile magazine clippings and die-cut bullet holes. Text in English, French and German. New from Taschen.
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ISBN 9783836560764
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