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An excellent book for garden lovers who are looking for something more than a simple guide-book of specific gardens. The main portion of the book is dedicated to questions one should ask when visiting different styles of gardens. Jones covers a wonderful range of gardens, including Historic gardens, Kitchen gardens, Conceptualist gardens and even Outdoor Art. There is plenty of knowledge and advice about designing, planting and maintaining a garden, and Jones also explores the why of gardens - why as humans do we choose to cultivate a space and what sort of oasis do we wish to create? The book also features a great section of 'self-portraits' from expert gardeners, where 20 famous landscape designers and gardeners choose their three favourite gardens. The book is filled with beautiful colour photos and quotations, as well as a fun little 'Advice from the Wise' section for garden visitors. Did you know, 'finger blight' is the horrible practice of stealing cuttings from a garden you're visiting? Jones tells us that back in 1638, Giovanni Battista Ferrari threatened that light-fingered gardeners would be turned into snails. So best to stick to great advice in this book! 256 pp, colour photographs.
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