LABYRINTHS: Emma Jung, Her Marriage

LABYRINTHS: Emma Jung, Her Marriage

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Clever, attractive and wealthy, one of the richest heiresses in Switzerland, when aged only 17, Emma met and fell in love with Carl Jung, a brilliant but penniless doctor working in a lunatic asylum. Determined to share his adventurous life and to continue her own studies, she was too young to understand his complex personality, laden with secrets, or to conceive what dramas lay ahead. "Naturally women are all in love with him, and with the men I am instantly cordoned off as the wife." What was Emma to do? The book tells the story of this unconventional marriage, their friendship and subsequent rift with Sigmund Freud, and their contribution to the development of psychoanalysis. The Jung marriage was indeed labyrinthine, and Emma was forced to fight to keep her husband close to her. His belief in polygamy led to many affairs, including a ménage à trois with a former patient, Toni Wolff, that lasted some 30 years. But as Emma came to understand her husband better, the marriage thrived and finally, always encouraged by Carl, Emma emerged to become a noted analyst in her own right. A superb inside story of the foundations of the psychoanalytic movement written by a BBC documentary writer. 406pp, many illus plus eight pages of photos.
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