RIVER OF INK: Literature, History, Art

RIVER OF INK: Literature, History, Art

THOMAS CHRISTENSEN    Book Number: 83936    Product format: Hardback

"To explore other times and cultures is really to explore our own time and culture." From the pen of one of the most erudite of journalists, this essay collection joins up all the cultural dots and makes the connections we struggle with in a fragmented, war-torn and ideologically combative age. Christensen prefaces his chapter on Saddam with the words: "Every writer worth his salt should do an antiwar essay. This was my effort in the genre." As US tanks enter Baghdad, he cheers to see Saddam removed but quickly counts the cost of prioritising force over the rule of law, compares the situation with the British move into Basra back in 1941, and finds that nothing has changed. Definitions of "collateral" form a particularly fascinating aside. The author believes that in the 21st century "we can no longer exclude or ignore any part of our shrinking world" and his inquiring mind takes him to the Asias, Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and finally North America. The title chapter "River of Ink" addresses the issue of free speech in the wake of the 13th century destruction of Baghdad's celebrated library and the 15th century invention of the printing press. A chapter on the Tao places emphasis on Tao as a way of seeing, accompanied by beautiful reproductions such as the porcelain Dipper Mother associated with childbirth. Horace Walpole's Gothick, Henry Handel Richardson's novels, the ballets of Celine, problems of translation versus interpretation, Pocahontas in London, George Orwell and journalism are other topics. 370pp, colour reproductions.
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